Management Issues 1/2018 - invitation

We kindly invite you to submit papers for the upcoming issue of scientific journal „Management Issues” (1/2018) entitled „Management, philosophy, reflective practices”.

Philosophical foudations and inspirations of management have previously been the basis of scientific inquiries, numerous publications and academic discussions. However, the category of reflective practice, be it everyday, professional or organizational, sheds some new light on the relatation between the two disciplines mentioned in the title of the issue, namely management and philosophy. What is more, except for the general conception of „the subject of efficient action” (Tadeusz Kotarbiński), of „reflective practitioner” (Donald Schön) and „wise leader” (Ikujiro Nonaka), fundamental notion of reflectivity have so far not been sufficiently explored in the management sciences. The proposed issue is aimed at filling  this gap.

The articles submitted can concern interpretations of reflectivity in everyday, professional or organizational practice in the below-mentioned categories:

  • expert intuition (related publication: Gobet. F. & Chassy, P. (2009). Expertise and intuition: A tale of three theories. Minds and Machines, 19, 151-180),
  • mentoring competences (related publication: Allen, T.A. &  Eby, D.T., (Eds.). (2007). The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring: A Multiple Perspectives Approach. Wiley-Blackwell),
  • dispersed leadership (related publication: von Krogh, G., Nonaka, I. i Rechsteiner, L. (2012). Leadership in Organizational Knowledge Creation: A Review and Framework. Journal of Management Studies, 49(1), 240–277),
  • professional scepticism (related publication: Nelson, M.W. (2009). A Model and Literature Review of Professional Skepticism in Auditing. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 28(2), November, 1–34),
  • professional judgement (related publication: Smith, M., Fiedler, B., Brown, B., i Kestell J. (2001). Structure versus judgement in the audit process: a test of Kinney’s classification. Managerial Auditing Journal, 16(1), 40-49),
  • information literacy and information criticism (related publication:  Shapiro, J.J. i Hughes, S.K. (Mar–Apr 1996). Information Literacy as a Liberal Art. Educom Review , 31(2); Andersen, J. (2008). Information criticism: where is it?. W: A. Lewis (red.), Questioning Library Neutrality. Essays from Progressive Librarian, Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books, LLC),
  • evaluation of information quality (related publication: Eppler, M.J. (2006). Managing Information Quality, Springer),
  • epistemic nature of knowledge-how (related publication: Hawley, K. (2003). Success and Knowledge-How. American Philosophical Quarterly, 40(1)),
  • planning of action (related publication: Bratman, M.E. (1987). Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason. Harvard University Press),
  • efficient action and practical error (related publications: Kotarbiński, T. (1955). Traktat o dobrej robocie. Łódź: Ossolineum; Kotarbiński, T.  (1957). Udział myślenia w działaniu i działania w myśleniu. W: Sprawność i błąd. Warszawa: PZWS),
  • institutional logics and organizational failures (related publication: Lounsbury, M. &  Boxenbaum, E. (Eds.). (2013). Institutional Logics in Action. Volumes 39 a and b of Research in the Sociology of Organizations).

We are convinced that the proposed issue of scientific journal „Managemnt Issues” will be a great chance for interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts, will enable scientific communication between philosophers and specialists in the field of management and will be an important contribution into research at the frontier of management and philosophy.

Authors interested in contributing to this issue are kindly requested to send their papers by the end of 30 September 2017.