Management Issues 4/2017 - invitation

We invite you to submit articles for Issue 4/2017 focused on determinants of success in information technology (IT) user-driven development. The managing editors responsible for the content will be Prof. Witold Chmielarz, PhD (habilitated) and Oskar Szumski, PhD.

Articles may concern subjects such as:

  • research methodology for IT user-driven development,
  • conditions for application of user-driven IT,
  • limitations to IT application arising out of the human factor,
  • visualization in the user communication with IT, design and use of interfaces,
  • ergonomics in IT design and use,
  • efficiency of adaptations of IT systems to user needs,
  • “human” factor in success and failures of IT applications in innovative economy,
  • user responses to the emergence of new technologies (cloud computing, big data, mobile-driven technology, etc.)
  • analysis of IT quality in the context of user needs,
  • IT applications security from the user’s point of view,
  • reasons for exclusion from the IT area,
  • importance of knowledge centres based on IT tools,
  • social media as determinants of IT success,
  • impact of e-marketing on IT user behaviours,
  • impact of user behaviours on the directions of e-government development,
  • impact of technology-driven development on IT user behaviours,
  • IT in human resource management,
  • legal implications of user inclusion in IT design and implementation processes,
  • IT users’ role and place in design methodologies and practice, etc.

The planned Management Issues will prefer articles concentrated on economic development stimulated by IT systems design and construction driven by user needs and responses to the emergence of new technologies.

Papers may be submitted until 25 August 2017.